In the nineteen forties, fifties and into the sixties my father was a professional photographer so I was exposed to the art at an early age. In 1975 I took a photojournalism course as part of earning a degree in Journalism from St. Michael's College in Vermont and for several years afterwards photography was a major interest of mine. Frustrated with the poor equipment I owned at the time I put it aside to pursue a career as a musician and piano tuner while raising two great daughters, but after a thirty year hiatus I bought an inexpensive digital camera in 2012 and began to leap back in.  Now I own a great camera and several lenses and take pictures on a near daily basis. 

Birds and insects are my main subjects as I've been an active birder and naturalist for my entire adult life and, of course, Vermont presents beautiful vistas that we photographers can't ignore so landscapes have become part of my repertoire, too. Regular trips to Cape May, NJ and other destinations have added to my photo ops and, in a bit of a surprise, I'm being asked to run nature photography workshops in 2018, including one through the University of Vermont and one in Cape May.

My photos are displayed in several locations and I am proud to say that some have won awards here in Vermont.


I hope you'll take a little time to look at my photos and I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoy making them. If you're interested in owning a copy of any of my images just click on the Purchase tab. Thanks!

Peter Riley


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Yellow-rumped Warbler in Cape May